With our telephony solutions, you do not miss a single emergency call from your patients.

Global UC Cloud Telephony Healthcare solution automatically manages all incoming calls and allows patients with the help of few key presses to access the correct department. The Global UC Cloud Telephony solution eliminates the burden of manual repetitive activities and increases the time to service patients and innovatively maximizes the chances of serving your patients.

It enhances operating performances by eliminating manual tasks and also decreases the additional administrative work expenditure. Also, it makes communication between departments simple, fast and seamless; with additional features such as One Click Audio / Video Conferencing, Call Transfers, Voice Mail, etc.

Features of using Cloud Telephony Solutions for Healthcare


24x7 Support to Patients and the IVR can be used for on call appointments

Routing Calls

Based on their queries, route your patient calls to various departments in the hospital.

On hold

Health awareness campaigns can be run by hospitals when patient calls are on hold.


Incase Hospital staff is not available; patients / victims can record a voicemail and speak about their appointments and issues.

Tracking calls

Monitor calls from patients and get a thorough analytical report on the missed / received calls.


IVR Appointment

Patients can book appointments around the clock, which might not be feasible in case of a physical Receptionist. In addition, IVR welcomes patients with competent voice greetings, leaving the patients with a positive feeling.

SMS Service

Doctors can give patients regular reminders for preventive steps to be taken when ill, for emergency appointments etc., using bulk SMS services. This also can be used for various management operations, including holiday records, urgent blood needs, and emergency announcements.

Self Help

Hospital workers can simply record query solutions on the IVR so that patients do not have to call the doctor for general questions. The IVR functions as a virtual receptionist for patients. This eventually saves time for both medical institutions and patients.