call queues

Improve customer satisfaction with better call flow and queuing strategies that also reduces handling time.

If none of your Representatives are available to answer calls, virtual line callers are placed.

With the Call Queue in the Cloud, any customer can be called back automatically, who has exited the queue while waiting, letting you recover the service opportunity. Without having to wait on the phone, Customers can also opt to have their position in line saved, or enter a desired call time, so that your representative can contact them directly at that designated time.

These Benefits can make the feature a crucial tool for your customer service team

The Team’s even distribution of workload

Minimizing the waiting time for the customers

Reducing expenses by keeping fewer callers on hold

Less Pressure and Stress-Free for Representatives

Prevention of missed calls by Representatives, which could result in losing business

Allows Representatives to stay organized, resulting in job satisfaction

A call queue can help you manage every call efficiently by increasing customer and employee satisfaction, regardless of whether your company has a contact center or receives a large call volume than your team can easily handle.